do you think that in “City With No Children” when Win says “I wish that I could have loved you then, before our age was through” 

he’s talking about the age that comes before the “reflective age”

*hears starting bass line to Awful Sound*

Me: *breathes heavily*

i have also decided that “The Suburbs” is Arcade Fire’s best song, objectively

because in 50-60 years suburbia won’t be a thing, and there will be a whole group of people who will listen to “The Suburbs” and sing along with it but not understand it at all; they won’t know what “the feeling” is

with “The Suburbs” AF have captured both lyrically and instrumentally that feeling of longing, wistfulness, laziness, and the subtle undercurrent of discontent that is American suburbia

some things

- i havent blogged in ages because last semester was hell and i was finishing my masters thesis while teaching 63 ungrateful nematodes about geology and climate change

- my anxiety is awful because im moving to san francisco in approximately 4 months and have done absolutely nothing in preparation besides apply for housing at stanford (who wants to live with a 1-4 randomly assigned roommate(s) at my age? answer: no one)

- also im not being 100% honest because part of the reason i havent been blogging is because (cliche here it comes) i have a dude now. but it’s not like the dude who i’ve written about for the past 14 months or so. it’s someone else. and i think he might be important

- i have very complicated feelings about the “we exist” video because on the one hand i liked it a lot and thought it was cool that they went there, but i also recognize all the things that are wrong with it, and i remember thinking those things the moments i watched the video for the first time so theres that

- 2014’s music sucks (FACT) 

- my concerting has been really lame this year other than Arcade Fire. I tried to see St. Vincent but had food poisoning and spent every other song retching in the womens bathroom of the Majestic, before leaving after 7ish songs. Woo~

- also the reason i changed my URL is because my IRL friends were dangerously close to discovering me. i drunkenly gave them too many clues one night and they were able to figure out the song that “tofillorburst” comes from via my spotify playlists

- mmm 

sometimes i’ll get really upset and the song i always go to is “wake up”

because at the beginning of the song i’m like “yes exactly, this is why the world sucks and why im upset right now and everyone should go fuck themselves”

but then at the end of the song im always smiling. 

Feeling happy? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling existential? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling like your body is a cage? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling confused as to why you go through all this shit again? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling like you might be a hypocrite? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling into greek mythology? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling disgusted by consumerism? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling trapped in suburbia? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling lonely? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

Feeling hopeful? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that. 

Feeling any emotion that may or may not be able to be put into words? There’s an Arcade Fire song for that.

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OKAY honestly 

dancing to “here comes the night time”  live was the greatest thing ever

that whole slow-down thing is even more better sex when its live


that beat jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez


mmm so i changed my URL because i was dangerously close to being discovered by IRL people

rococo is still the most underrated song ever 

arkadyfireovitch said: YOYOYOOOO EXPLAIN YOURSELF when/why did they hold hands?

when they came back on for the encore they were holding hands when they walked on stage and then regine skipped away it was adorable

also the guys i went with were all like “regine is the most adorable person ive ever seen” and i was just like HELLO IVE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS FOR YEARS like they just realized it 

some thoughts

-reflektour lights are amazing

-regine’s dresses are better than the suburbs tour (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE I DONT EVEN KNOW)

-will butler do yo thang

-win and regine held hands

-“but if it’s too much to ask, it’s too much to ask…send me a son…a perfect son *proud papa face*” -win butler

-rococorococorococorococo I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL 

-the suburbs is still THE most perfect song ever and they played the old “scenes from the suburbs” video during it i cried and it reminded me of 2011 THE FEELS STOP IT AF

-we exist the video montage thing is really cool. also immediately when it started everyone started dancing all slinky and sexy it was great and sketchy

-regine is adorable during haiti i dont even

-HEY ORPHEUS they were across the stage wow just wow 

-here comes the night time is the jam 




Arcade Fire - Palace, Auburn Hills. March 10, 2014

perfect human